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Academic Staff Organizations in Israel
Association of Heads of Academic Colleges
Association of Indian Researchers and Students in Israel
HUJIAssociation of Senior Academic Faculty, Hebrew University of Jerusalem02.6584674
HUJIAssociation of Teachers and Researchers at Hebrew University of Jerusalem054.8820957
ArielUAssociation of the Senior Faculty, Ariel University03.9066199
Bashaar - Academic Community for Israeli Society03.6424895
BGUBen Gurion University Senior Faculty Staff Organization08.6461049
OUCommittee of the Teaching Faculty09.7781772
Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities02.5676222
Israel Association of University Women03.5341541
Israel Young Academy02.5676205
IITOrganization of Teaching Staff04.8292218
HaifaSenior Faculty Association04.8254118
IITTechnion Faculty Association04.8292429
TAUTel Aviv University Junior Faculty Staff Organization03.6408186
TAUTel Aviv University Senior Faculty Staff Organization03.6407453
HaifaUniversity of Haifa Junior Academic Faculty Association04.8240575