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Labor studies : Labor Unions in Israel

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Workers' Union in Hebrew is called Histadrut (הסתדרות).

Association of Medical Residents03.7922735
Association of Pharmacists in Israel
Federation of Practical Engineers03.6921470
Histadrut HAMAOF - Professional union in Israel
Histadrut Labor Union1.700.700331
Histadrut Leumit*8882
IDAIsrael Dental Association03.6283707
IMAIsrael Medical Association03.6100444
Israel Psychological Association03.5239393
ITUIsrael Teachers Union1.700550043
INUIsraeli Nurses Union03.6921379
Naamat - Socio-political women's movement03.6921936
State Employees Union03.6921271
MACHARUnion of Academics in Social Sciences and Humanities
Branch of General Union of Workers (Histadrut)
Union of Civil Research Staff
Union of Engineers and Architects03.6961831
Union of Journalists in Israel03.6921161