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Municipal government : Associations in Israel

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> Also see: Tourism Associations
Amana - Settlement movement of Gush Emunim02.5322225
Association of Managers of Education Departments in Municipalities03.6354574
Association of Municipal Corporations03.5587322
Association of Regional Councils in Israel03.6929923
Ayalim Association for settlement in the Negev and Galilee08.6550850
Center for Sustainability03.5608788
Friends of Gush Katif08.9738000
Golan Heights
Israel Association of Municipal Engineers09.8603332
Israel Association of Treasurers in Local Government Offices
Kibbutz Movement
Moetzet Yesha, Council of Communities in Judea, Samaria and Gaza02.6211999
Moshav Movement03.6086309
Municipal Auditors Association in Israel08.9726028
Or Movement for Negev and Galilee1.800.215216
Religious Kibbutz Movement03.6072777
Union of Local Authorities in Israel03.6844222
Western Galil Regional Association