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Medical Sciences : Non-Profit Medical Care Organizations in Israel

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@ Professional medical associations
HandicappedAKIM-Jerusalem - Association for the rehabilitation of the mentally handicapped02.2242111
SIDSATID - Israeli Foundation for the Study and Prevention of Sudden Infant Death02.6666833
DisabledAccess - Israel: Non-profit organization promoting accessibility standards for disabled citizens09.7451126
HandicappedAhada - Parents with Challenged Children in the Kibbutz Movement03.6925230
HandicappedAleh Foundation for Institutional Care of Disabled Children03.6711711
Alzheimer'sEMDAAlzheimer's Association of Israel03.5341274
GeriatricsAmerican Jewish Joint Distribution Committee02.6557111
DuchenneADIAssociation Duchenne Israel08.6484548
Ataxia telangiectasiaAssociation for Fighting A-T Disease
GISTGISTAssociation for GIST (Gastro-Intestinal Stromal Tumor) Patients03.6002500
AMDNAMAGAssociation of Age Related Macular Degeneration Patients in Israel03.5472751
CFSASAFAssociation of CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) and Fibromyalgia Patients1.700.707008
Blood donorAssociation of Volunteer Blood Donors in Israel03.5300468
DeafnessAssociation of the Deaf in Israel03.7303355
Breast cancerBRACHABRACHA - BRCA1, BRCA2 gene carriers072.2332974
DisabledBeit Ekstein - Housing, employment and educational services for people with learning disabilities, autism04.6389607
HandicappedBeit Issie Shapiro - services for children and adults with developmental disabilities09.7701222
DeafnessBekol Israel Association of Hard of Hearing People03.5257001
CMTCharcot Marie Tooth disease - Israel051.2684400
Cystic fibrosisCFFCystic Fibrosis Foundation of Israel03.6702323
BlindnessEliya Association for the advancement of preschool blind and visually-impaired children03.9336840
Health servicesEzer Mizion - Non-profit organization for health services03.6144572
Health servicesEzra L'Marpeh - Voluntary organization that provides assistance, advice and medical equipment03.5777000
MedicinesFriends for Health gathering unused medication and distributing it for free03.5792220
CancerHAYIM - For children with cancer in Israel03.6120494
AIDSIsrael Aids Task Force - Education, Care and Support03.5100520
ALSIsrael Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Research Association04.8252233
AspergerIsrael Asperger Syndrome Association03.5446046
LiverIsrael Association for Healthy Liver054.5694400
Mental handicapAKIMIsrael Association for the Mentally Handicapped03.7662222
RheumatismIsrael Association of Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients03.5613832
CancerICAIsrael Cancer Association1.800.599995
DiabetesIsrael Diabetes Association03.9508222
EpilepsyIsrael Epilepsy Association02.5000283
IsraAIDIsrael Forum for International Humanitarian Aid054.6785033
Crohn's, ColitisCCFIIsrael Foundation for Crohn's Disease and Ulcerative Colitis03.6421999
BlindnessIsrael Guide Dog Center for the Blind08.9408213
TransplantIsrael Liver Transplantees Association
Mitochondrial diseasesIsrael Mitochondrial Diseases Support Group050.7908430
Multiple sclerosisIsrael Multiple Sclerosis Society03.5377002
KidneyIsrael National Association of Kidney Transplantees and Dialysis Patients03.9044110
BlindnessIsrael National Association of Parents of Visually Impaired Children02.6599553
ParkinsonIPAIsrael Parkinson Association03.6512615
PsoriasisIsrael Psoriasis Association03.6247611
StutteringAMBIIsrael Stuttering Association03.5037558
DermatitisIsraeli Association for Atopic Dermatitis08.9969970
IAEDIsraeli Association for Eating Disorders
Mental healthEnoshIsraeli Association for Mental Health03.5400672
HemophiliaALEHIsraeli Association of Hemophilia Patients03.9031444
CancerIAPCIsraeli Association of Palliative Care054.5444461
MelanomaIsraeli Association of Skin Cancer
MyelomaAMENIsraeli Association of of Myeloma Patients
CeliacIsraeli Celiac Association03.6781481
GaucherIsraeli Gaucher Patients' Association04.9503403
BlindnessIsraeli Guide Dog Users Association03.5371065
LymphedemaIALIsraeli Lymphedema Association03.6739861
ADHDIsraeli Organization for ADHD
BlindnessIsraeli Research Association for Eye Health and Blindness Prevention09.9518475
AutismALUTIsraeli Society for Autistic Children03.5718188
DiabetesJDRFJuvenile Diabetes Research Foundation03.5160171
Women's healthKeren Briah to improve women’s health in Israel
GeneralLatet - Israeli Humanitarian Aid to needy populations03.6833388
GeriatricsLifeline for the Old (Yad Lakashish)02.6287829
AutismLihyot Sham073.7079414
DeafnessMicha Jerusalem, the Association for the Rehabilitation of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children02.6232021
AutismMifne Center - Early Intervention for the Autistic Child04.6931021
DisabledMilbat - Israel Center for Technology and Accessibility03.5303739
DrugsNANarcotics Anonymous Israel077.2285500
StrokeNeeman Association for Stroke Survivors077.4665213
CancerOne in Nine - Women for Women with Breast Cancer03.6021717
FertilityPUAHPuah Institute for counseling and assistance to couple with gynecological and fertility problems02.6515050
Mental handicapShalem Fund for development of services for people with intellectual disabilities03.9601122
HandicappedShalva - Israel Association for the Handicapped Child and Family02.6519555
Health servicesSociety for Patient's Rights in Israel
CancerTal Center for the needs of young-adult cancer patients
Cerebral palsyTsad Kadima - Association for Conductive Education in Israel (Peto Method)02.6540062
Health servicesYad Sarah - Volunteer home care support organization02.6444444
Down syndromeYATEDYated Children with Down Syndrome02.6721115
Terror victimsZaka - Emergency Medical Assistance to victims02.5015120
CancerZichron Menachem - Israeli Association for the Support of Children with Cancer and their Families02.6433001
InfertilityZir Chemed - Counseling for fertility treatment combining halacha and medicine02.6536859