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Jewish Studies Conferences in Israel
כנס הארצי השלישי לתורה שבעל פהRehovot2019-04-11
Kenes Pardes 2018Jerusalem2018-03-06
9th Rambam Convention in TiberiasTiberias2018-01-11
Conference of the Religious Zionism MovementNetanya2017-06-15
הכנס השנתי לתורה ומדע ה-24Jerusalem2017-04-05
Kenes Pardes 2017Jerusalem2017-02-28
19th International Conference of the Jewish Law Association Impact of Technology, Science and Knowledge on Jewish Law and EthicsTel Aviv2016-07-11
הכנס השנתי לתורה ומדע ה-22Hemdat HaDarom2015-03-26
8th International Conference on Holocaust EducationJerusalem2012-06-18
Annual Meeting on the vision of Rambam (Maimonides)Haifa2012-01-17
9th Miami International Conference on Torah and ScienceMiami2011-12-15
Jerusalem Conference for English SpeakersJerusalem2011-10-17