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The international dialing code for Israel is 972. To dial to Israel from abroad, first dial the international dialing access code that is specific for your country (for example 00), then dial 972 followed by the area code and local number. When dialing within Israel, the local area code has to be preceded by a zero, "0". For example, a number dialed as 03.1234567 within Israel, should be dialed as 972.3.1234567 from outside of Israel.
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Emergency and Information Phone Numbers
Ambulance (Magen David Adom)101
United Hatzalah Emergency Help1221
Fire and Rescue Services102
Israel Electric Company103
Home Front Command Emergency104
Municipality and City information
(Moked phone number)
Phone repair166
Phone service199
Wake-up call1475

Call redirection and previous number redialing codes of Bezeq

Phone Area Codes according to geographical regions

* New code is effective since April 20, 2004

NDC - National Destination Code, leading digits of N(S)N - National (Significant) Number.
WHEN DIALING WITHIN ISRAEL, add a zero (0) before the NDC

RegionCodeאזור חיוגMajor cities
Jerusalem2ירושליםJerusalem, Hebron
Dan3תל אביבTel Aviv, Rishon Lezion, Holon, Ramat Gan, Ariel
North4חיפהHaifa, Katzrin, Kiriat Shemona, Tiberias
South8הדרוםRehovot, Ashdod, Ashkleon, Beer Sheva, Eilat
Sharon9השרוןHerzliya, Netanya, Raanana

Country-wide domestic codes independent of geographical regions

Non-geographic prefix numbers for mobile telephony and cable telephony services:

Orange (Partner)054Cellular
012 Smile072VoIP
013 NetVision073VoIP
Hot Telecom (cable)077VoIP

The minimum number length (excluding the country code) is 8 digits, and the maximum is 9 digits.

Note: The Ministry of Communication has instituted a "number portability" policy to allow easy switch between service providers. This policy dictates that a subscriber can transfer phone service to another operator without changing phone number. Therefore, a phone number prefix does not necessarily indicate the current operator for the specific phone number.

Codes for international telephony operators

In Israel there are several international telephony operators. When dialing an international call from Israel, a prefix code of the form "01X" is added before the country code.

In brief, to dial a number abroad: Service provider code + country code + area code + number

Service providerPrefix codeCustomer service
Bezeq International 014076.5014014
012 Smile 012072.2009210
013 NetVision 01304.8560660
Xfone 0181.700.018018