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1net - (972).3.9415432

Design and establishment of Internet sites. E-business and e-CRM services. Mobile phone WAP sites. PeLE (Personal Learning Edge) web-based software for online courses.

Rishon LeZion
2Bsecure - (972).3.6492007

Consultation, design and implementation services in all areas of information security and risk management. Internal and external security systems: Firewalls, VLan's, data encryption and VPN systems. Access control. Enterprise proxy servers.

Tel Aviv
8th - (972).52.6525543

8th is a secure, cross-platform, cost-effective, extensible programming language for mobile, desktop, server and embedded application development. Create applications for Android, iOS, Windows, OS X, Linux and Raspberry Pi using the same source code.

Maale Adumim
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Directory of companies producing software tools for e-commerce.

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Directory of manufacturers of medical instruments.

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List of Telecommunications companies

AACI Israel Jobnet - (972).3.7755000

Searchable and indexed database of computer and electronics related jobs in Israel.

Tel Aviv
ACTL Systems - (972).2.5376459

Training, mentoring and consulting services in the design and development of object-oriented client/server and real-time systems for software developers. Courses on object oriented design using Unified Modeling Language (UML).

AE40 - (972).9.7438410

Software house, specializing in complex voice, VoIP, video systems. Real time software, embedded software. Sub contracting and system engineering projects for High Tech companies.

ALD Reliability Engineering - (972).3.7913200

Software house in the field of reliability engineering and quality assurance. RAM Commander Reliability and Maintainability software. Spare parts analysis and optimization. Failure Mode, Effects and Criticality Analysis. Life Cycle Cost (LCC) analysis.

Tel Aviv
APoint systems - (972).77.2060010

Development and support of Access and SQL Server based software and information technology. Management Ranking BI reports in large organizations by data mining from operational systems and building custom-made reports to fit the management needs.

Afek Systems - (972).3.9635630

Development and integration of Business Intelligence (BI) systems. Mobile applications. Computing infrastructure services. ERP and CRM systems. Nereus IT package for maritime agency management of business operations, logistics and billing.

Rishon LeZion
AgileSparks - (972).52.2431404

Agile/Lean solutions to improve project management, software and hardware development. Training for Kanban method of developing software products.

Rosh Ha'ayin
Algopix - (972).58.7928322

Real-time product market analysis for online sellers. Using a product identifier like ASIN, UPC or EAN, Algopix engine analyzes eBay and Amazon marketplaces across the world and produces ‘recommended’ or ‘not recommended’ indicator for sellers looking to make decisions quickly whether to market a specific product.

Bnei Brak
Allot Communications - (972).9.7619200

Policy-based QOS networking solutions. Allot offers enterprises and service providers products to ensure the quality of network services and resources (bandwidth and server traffic management) and implementation of service level agreements.

Hod HaSharon
Almog - (972).3.9228811

ERP, CRM and MRP systems for medium to large companies.

Petah Tikva
AlmondWeb - (972).2.5712246

Technical documentation, web development, consulting and development for Quadralay WebWorks ePublisher and Microsoft Word, document automation. WebWorks ePublisher is a tool for converting Word, FrameMaker, and DITA documents to HTML and online help.

Aman Computers - (972).3.6910112

Custom business solutions for accounting management, salary payroll, human resources designed for IBM AS/400 systems. Represents Informatic in Israel.

Tel Aviv
Amanet-Management & Systems - (972).3.7659555

Custom projects in the fields of management engineering; information systems; behavioral sciences; economics and business development.

Tel Aviv
Amdocs - (972).9.7762222

Customer care, billing and order management systems for communications, Internet services providers and business support systems for directory publishing companies.

Amobee - (972).74.7333444

Digital Marketing Platform for digital publishers, advertisers, mobile operators, developers and enterprises. 3D ads, rich media ads, video ads, interstitials, postitials. Supports MRAID 2.0 and VAST 2.0 standards.

Herzliya - (972).2.6495000

Online service that provides information about any selected word in any document using 1-Click Answers (formerly GuruNet). References include online dictionary, thesaurus, encyclopedia, news, sports, weather and stock quotes. Free Software

AppSec - (972).9.7485005

Security testing for software applications and web sites. Services focus on secure coding consultation, advanced training programs and advanced application penetration testing ("blackbox testing").

Kfar Sava
Applicure Technologies - (972).9.9579096

dotDefender web application security solution (Web Application Firewall, or WAF) that offers proactive security for websites and web applications. dotDefender prevents prevalent attacks such as SQL injection and XSS, and provides e-commerce security. Supports multiple platforms and technologies - IIS, Apache, Cloud.

Appstudio - (972).50.4310044

Custom development of mobile phone applications. Web solutions.

Archive1 - (972).1.700.071010

Digital archive development and management by scanning documents.

Mevo Horon
Ardix - (972).3.6495511

Development of software and hardware for real-time and embedded systems.

Tel Aviv
Avtech Scientific - (972).8.9798997

Development of numerical 3D models and simulations for computer-aided engineering (CAE), control and optimization of complex medical, physical, chemical and biological systems and product designs. Optional deployment on supercomputers and GPUs.

Modiin Illit
BIS Advanced Software Systems - (972).3.7111300

easy-to-deploy software, with rapid integration into CRM and billing systems, as well as custom branding and a user-friendly VAS that requires minimum sales effort and service.

Tel Aviv
BQR Reliability Engineering - (972).3.9625911

CARE software tools to test reliability and maintenance of CAD / CAE / CAM designs of complex systems such as: railways, automotive, telecommunications, production lines, power stations, aircraft, ships.

Rishon LeZion
Babylon Software - (972).3.5382111

Babylon is an online and offline translator from English to 12 different languages. It also includes converter for multi-national currency, measurements and time. Free Software

Or Yehuda
BigData Boutique - (972).58.6069906

Consulting firm focused on BigData technologies. Designs of Data Warehouses. Experience ranges from Windows to Linux and Mac ecosystems.

Givat Shmuel
BigID - (972).

Data privacy management platform for personally identifiable information (PII). BigID uses advanced machine learning and identity intelligence to help enterprises better protect their customer and employee data at petabyte scale. BigID is a member of the Future of Privacy Forum (FPF) Advisory Board.

Tel Aviv
Breakthrough - (972).3.6349922

Consulting company providing system administration, project management and software development services for Linux, Unix and Windows platforms. Network architecture design and infrastructure.

Or Yehuda
Britannica Knowledge Systems - (972).3.6070440

e-Learning solutions for the professional development market. HighLearn - a virtual campus that is designed for institutions of higher education and also addresses professional development needs.

Tel Aviv
Bufferzone - (972).3.6444012

AntiMalware enterprise security software for Windows operating systems. Government and military rated Cybercrime security system blocks all malware types: Viruses, Trojan Horses, Worms, batch, script, macro viruses and Addware.

Tel Aviv
CAV Systems - (972).4.6239999

Development and application of Enterprise Resource Planning systems (ERPs). Areas of specialization: Financial services, banking, industry, marketing and distribution, tourism and international forwarding.

CYBONET - (972).4.8212321

Cybowall solution for network visibility, vulnerability management and breach detection. Flagship product PineApp Mail Secure for comprehensive email security. Carrier-grade Outbound Spam Guard (OSG).

Callflow Software - (972).3.6393634

Syncro suite - software for analyzing customer service processes, providing real-time monitoring, alerts and statistics. Customer service management in large contact centers and back offices.

Tel Aviv
Celebros - (972).9.9555257

Site search search engine that focuses entirely on a single website. Localization of information in vast databases using novel artificial intelligence algorithms. Semantic search and conversion technology in seven languages for e-commerce retailers and merchants. eConverse search by voice interface.

Center for Educational Technology - (972).3.6460160

Developers and publishers of educational software (K-12) in all subject areas.

Tel Aviv
Check Point - (972).3.7534555

Firewall-1 - Enterprise security suite that integrates access control, authentication, encryption, network address translation and auditing. FloodGate-1- A policy-based bandwidth management solution to alleviate Internet traffic congestion.

Cimatron - (972).73.2370200

Data-to-Steel Solution: integrated CAD/CAM solutions for mold, tool and die makers.

Givat Shmuel
ClickSoftware - (972).3.7659400

Automated mobile workforce management and service optimization. Enterprise-grade mobile ClickAppStore with numerous apps for data entry, navigation, peer collaboration, time sheets, asset information, on-the job training for any mobile device.

Petah Tikva
CodeOasis - (972).9.9715000

Information systems and integration. Content management systems and portals. eCommerce systems. Mobile applications. Online appointment scheduling service.

CogniFit - (972).4.6412120

Development of applications which assess, train and enhance cognitive and psychomotor abilities. DriveFit - designed to train and enhance driving skills and performance.

Nazareth Illit
Cognit - (972).7.65402149

Designing user interfaces for numerous products in diverse industries including: defense, aerospace, cybersecurity, bio-medical and finance.

Comda - (972).3.6485255

Integrator of IT security solutions. Daughter firm: ComSign. Establishment of public key infrastructure. Integration of smart cards and biometric based systems (eye/finger) within existing databases in the organization (attendance reporting systems).

Tel Aviv
Complete Information Technologies - (972).3.6345678

Consultancy to commercial companies specializing in project management, ERP systems, development of internet-based, executive information systems for multi-national companies. Design and development in an AS/400 environment.

Or Yehuda
Compucraft - (972).3.9335534

RobotWorks: Robotics Interface for SolidWorks for welding, sealing etc. Custom made systems for assembly of electronic components, mechanical assemblies, components assembly, resistance and temperature testing, textile industry and wire technology.

Petah Tikva
Compugen - (972).3.7658585

Bioinformatics software tools for analysis of genomic and protein sequences to extract useful information from genomic and protein data.

Tel Aviv
Compugraphic Solutions - (972).3.5732140

Multimedia systems for harmonized control of video and slide projectors, projection of digital films, audio channels (music, effects), lighting and lasers, active theater systems. Virtual Reality system for 3-D animations in real time.

Computools - (972).54.4502652

Global software development service provider in Marketing and AdTech, E-Commerce, FinTech, HealthTech industries. Services: Consulting and design. Software engineering. Support and optimization.

Comsec Group - (972).3.9234646

Data security solutions in design and implementation, communications, storage and backup and electronic security. With its e-Sure certification, Comsec is the single company in Israel to offer a security certification for e-commerce businesses.

Petah Tikva
Comsign - (972).3.6443620

Representative of Verisign to market digital authentication certificates and act as VeriSign's certificate authority in Israel.

Tel Aviv
Comtec - (972).3.9201666

Integrated system designed for insurance companies processing general insurance for all personal and commercial lines of business including billing, collection and claims management.

Ramat Gan
ConKor Systems - (972).4.9523138

Development of embedded, Real-Time, object-oriented software packages. Equipment control software, GUI design. Portfolio includes industrial image processing applications, electro-physiological mapping system, monitoring system for aircraft engines.

Consist - (972).3.9204125

Financial modules include: ConsistGL (General Ledger, including Budgeting and allocations), ConsistFA (Fixed assets), ConsistAR (Accounts Receivable), ConsistAP (Accounts Payable), ConsistPO (Purchase Order). Applications in 11 languages.

Petah Tikva
CreditGuard - (972).3.7370733

Internet payment and e-commerce solutions for online management of billing and auditing services. CG Gateway to monitor IVR systems, unattended machines, POS and other payment transaction functions from a user-friendly, web-based management console.

Givat Shmuel
Cubed Mobile - (972).3.5200087

Enterprise Mobility Management. Turn any phone into a Unified Communication (UC) hub. Built-in end-to-end UC platform consists of a variety of tools ranging from instant messaging, group chats, video calls, file sharing, push-to-talk.

Cubus Engineering Software - (972).9.7489713

Software for civil engineering. Tunnel-4H: design of Concrete Box Culverts using AutoCAD. Building-4: software for reinforced concrete design of building beams, slabs, pillars and walls. SeismicFEA: Static and dynamic seismic analysis of structures.

Cyren - (972).9.8636888

Integrated email and messaging solutions with powerful online services and premium applications, such as online calendaring, unified messaging integration with voice, fax, pager and wireless connectivity.

DG Global - (972).72.2504026

Multi-language software localization and translation services. Technical translations for electronic equipment, user manuals. Computer-related translations: IT, computer programs, video games, help files, documentation, user guides and web sites.

Tel Aviv
Daina Reed Web Design - (972).

ZCAM, the world's first real-time 3D video camera. Based on proprietary Parallel Range Sensing (PRSTM) technology, ZCAM captures both color (RGB) and depth (Z), the distance from the camera, for each pixel.

Daronet Internet Solutions - (972).3.6122770

Design and development of dynamic websites. Main product "Expert": a CMS (content management system) with e-commerce and catalogue capabilities tailored to the small to medium business market.

DataBank - (972).3.5611911

Storage and management of corporate computer back up tapes. Offsite tape storage and transportation.

Tel Aviv
Datorama - (972).3.3722803

Datorama provides a Marketing Intelligence platform that leverages AI to drive marketing’s return on investment (MROI) for its campaigns and programs. Datorama empowers marketers by unifying their siloed data assets to better understand and act on their respective key performance indicators (KPIs). Best Business Intelligence Tool & Platform of 2018.

Tel Aviv
Davka Writer - (972).2.5695201

Developer of Judaic software for Jewish history, customs and traditions, Hebrew/English word processor, educational games, encyclopedia, Jewish clipart and graphics, Hebrew fonts. Jewish texts such as Bible, Talmud, transliterated Haggadah on CD ROM.

Devalore - (972).3.6445370

Real Time/Embedded/Cross-Platform software development. Mobile applications for use in Android, iOS, Windows Phone. VLSI verifification using SystemVerilog, OVM and other methods.

Petah Tikva
Digital Confidence - (972).3.6471367

Data leakage prevention, hidden data and meta-data removal. Privacy solutions to individuals and organizations from small to large-scale enterprises. ConfidentSend for removing hidden data from email attachments. Free Software

Tel Aviv
DocuSign - (972).3.9279500

Digital signature and data-security for financial, legal and governmental sectors. CoSign digital signature supports content management systems, CPOE medical applications, ERP, Office, Adobe Acrobat, TIFF images. PrivateCard PKI-based SmartCard.

Petah Tikva
EDP Computers - (972).3.6438222

Consulting, project management, system integration and implementation, system services, software development. Executive information systems (EIS). Alternative backup sites (DRP).

Tel Aviv
ERPdex - (972).2.5701719

IT consultancy firm specializing on the treasury and financial modules of the leading ERP packages (SAP R3, Oracle Application). Treasury integration solutions to back-office ERP systems. ERP implementation and project management services.

Har Adar
Edusoft - (972).3.9002401

Multimedia educational titles and computer-based integrated educational systems specializing in English learning, early childhood and science.

Rosh Haayin
EfCom Software Solutions - (972).8.6710671

Software development areas include industrial machinery, image analysis algorithms, database based applications, web applications and services, driver development, real-time/embedded development, software and hardware integration.

Elad Software Systems - (972).3.6499932

Information Technology services for banking, insurance, transportation and public sector including government ministries, local municipalities and health organizations.

Tel Aviv
Enigma Information Systems - (972).9.9569955

Web based e-catalogs, e-publishing for e-business.

Herzliya Pituach
Ericom Software - (972).2.5911700

PowerTerm series of terminal emulators, e-Business, wireless, business-to-business and Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) solutions that generate Web/WAP applications from existing host resources, without changing original legacy application.

Ex Libris - (972).02.6499100

Library automation systems for higher education as well as for public, national and special libraries. Flagship product, ALEPH. Primo web interface for searching library resources.

Exent - (972).3.9243828

EXEtender enables web hosting services and application service providers (ASPs) to deliver software applications over any broadband, IP-based network to users equipped with any web browser.

Petah Tikva
Fayrix Software - (972).9.3740180

Custom software development services available worldwide and affordable for businesses of any size. Mass-market mobile solutions and services. IoT projects to collect and process data. Blockchain projects. Payment gates. Development offices in Eastern Europe.

Herzliya Pituach
Finastra - (972).74.7320500

Global cash management and payments solutions that enable financial institutions and business customers to manage cash, process payments and transfer funds electronically.

Formula Systems - (972).3.5389487

Formula Systems is the largest Israeli public traded Information Technology company, with a large proprietary software solutions division for international markets.

Or Yehuda
Forthscale - (972).77.5280015

Open source Cloud infrastructure integration, deployment and management. End-to-end IT and software turn-key projects. Portfolio includes deployment, support and integration of application servers, databases, shared storage and content delivery systems.

Tel Aviv
G-STAT - (972).2.5871314

Statistical and data mining models for predicting events in the lives of customers and organization. Customer credit risk assessment. Inventory management and planning based on consumer demand.

GamaSec - (972).3.6489339

GamaScan remote online web vulnerability-assessment service that tests web servers, web-interfaced systems and web-based applications. Web-Attack Signatures Database.

Tel Aviv
GeoSim - (972).3.9217717

Precise 3D-city models and 3D visualization for city planning, design, monitoring and city-related decision making. Geo-referenced search capabilities for location related information (text, pictures, audio, video). Applications for urban infrastructure.

Petah Tikva
Giga - (972).3.6817888

Software design, consulting and outsourcing. Experience in information technologies, computer embedded systems, real time OS, Internet applications, mobile and power line communication (PLC) technologies. Banking, insurance and management systems.

Tel Aviv
GigaSpaces Technologies - (972).9.9526751

Enterprise Application grid computing platform for developing real time, clustered and collaborative distributed applications over low-cost open platforms such as blade racks and Linux servers. Distributed Shared Memory.

Gita Technologies - (972).72.2461825

Software development services in security, encryption and networking. Real-time interception, location finding, cyber warfare, military-grade encryption, ciphers and cryptography, analysis and reverse engineering of complex protocols.

Tel Aviv
Glassbox - (972).74.7022321

Software for comprehensive view and analysis of customer digital sessions, recorded from both server and client side. Tool for the marketing department and web teams, enabling them to reproduce online customer journeys, and conduct in-depth root cause analysis to improve customer experience and reduce average handling time.

Petah Tikva
Graphic-All - (972).2.5822205

Graphic design and web site design and corporate identity development, including logo and stationery design.

HQserv - (972).76.5432395

Datacenter operator and web hosting provider. Dedicated servers, Virtual Private Servers (VPS) and colocation in secure Israeli Datacenter with 24/7 support, unlimited bandwidth.

HackerU - (972).3.6135565

Professional training center offering courses in computer programming, network management, software development and testing, internet marketing.

Harel Information Technologies - (972).3.7658888

Comprehensive computer solutions for organizations and large companies including hardware, software and services. Maintenance of servers and networks.

Tel Aviv
Hi-Tech Solutions - (972).3.9634601

Optical character recognition (OCR) for transportation applications. SeeCar: license plate recognition systems. SeeCrane identification of container ISO code as it is handled by a crane. SeeGate recognizes containers, truck and wagon chassis numbers.

Rishon Lezion
Hilan Tech - (972).3.6383356

Software for wage, payroll, worker attendance and human resources management for large companies and public organizations.

Tel Aviv
HumanEyes Technologies - (972).2.6518999

Software that enables simple creation of panoramic 3D stereo images from ordinary photographs captured by any single still or video digital camera. Applications: Outdoor advertising, packaging, magazine publications.

IBM - (972).3.9188111

Information Management: DB2 Universal Database. Application Development: VisualAge Generator, C++, Java. e-commerce: IBM Net.Commerce, OS/2 Warp Server for e-Business. Lotus Notes/Domino. Tivoli Enterprise, IT Director.

Petah Tikva
IBM Research Labs in Israel - (972).4.8296211

Projects include, VLSI design, verification technology, storage subsystems, computer systems, programming languages and environments, advanced applications, multimedia and service technologies.

ICQ - (972).

ICQ - a revolutionary, user-friendly Internet tool that informs you who's on-line at any time and enables you to contact them at will. Free Software

IFN Systems - (972).9.7639333

Document management and workflow solutions for organizations. WINS Suite for eContent and eProcess. Implementations for banking, insurance, telecom and pharmaceutical companies. New drug application for FDA. Solutions are built on FileNET foundation.

Kfar Saba
Idor Systems - (972).3.5373862

E-business solutions and project management. Specialists in IBM Websphere products and connection of IBM eServer and NT legacy servers to Java-based web applications. IT consulting, software products for AS/400, Euro conversion, outsourcing services.

Tel Aviv
Igal Baum Studio - (972).4.9800511

Web site design using Flash, dynamic effects, Javascripting and database integration in Unix and Windows NT systems. Corporate identity for companies including all marketing production, print materials and CD rom presentations.

Iguazio Data Science - (972).73.3210401

Iguazio Data Science Platform to develop and manage real-time AI applications at scale. A data science workbench that includes Jupyter Notebook, integrated analytics engines, and Python packages. Machine-learning (ML) services over a scalable Kubernetes cluster. The data layer supports SQL, NoSQL, time-series databases and files (simple objects). Integration with third-party data sources such as Amazon S3, HDFS, SQL databases, and streaming or messaging protocols. ML Functions can easily be chained to produce ML pipelines (using Kubeflow).

Illuminea - (972).58.3327169

WordPress development. Shopify eCommerce. Logo and branding. Website design. Print and digital design.

Imagu Vision Technologies - (972).3.6480207

Developer of software for object recognition in digital images and video. Software products provide solutions to multiple industries such as semiconductors, homeland security, medical devices and e-commerce.

Tel Aviv
Imperva - (972).3.6840100

SecureSphere Database Security solutions employing hardware and vurtual appliances for Oracle, MS-SQL,IBM DB2, Sybase, Informix, MySQL, Progress, Teradata. Integrated Database, File, and Web firewall for Cloud environments.

Tel Aviv
Incentives Solutions - (972).9.8654477

Enterprise Incentive Management (EIM) software. Incorporates complex metrics (such as employee performance, product profitability and market share) to create formulas to calculate optimal incentives. Key performance indicators relevant to incentive plans.

Informatica Israel - (972).3.5633600

Enterprise-wide data integration and data quality initiatives including data warehousing, data migration/consolidation, data synchronization, data governance and master data management.

Tel Aviv
Innovecs - (972).3.9150717

Innovecs specializes in serving Gaming Entertainment, Adtech, Fintech, E-commerce, Telecom and Healthcare markets. Innovecs focuses on mobile and web development, blockchain, ad tech, animation and art asset creation.

Tel Aviv
Inoxoft - (972).

Software development company that creates tailor-made web and mobile applications. UI UX design and development services. Expertise: Back-end – .NET, Node.js, Python. Front-end – React. Mobile Native – with Kotlin, Swift. Mobile Cross Platform – with React Native, Flutter. Customized solutions for Healthcare, Finance, Education, e-Commerce, Logistics, and IoT domains.

Tel Aviv
Intellity - (972).2.9309665

International web design firm. Multimedia web sites with Flash, Shockwave. Graphic design. Data-based dynamic web sites.

InterBit - (972).072.3923570

Training and software development services include operating system management (Solaris, Linux), security, database management (Oracle), design (UML, design patterns) and application development based on Java technologies (J2EE).

International TechneGroup - (972).3.7160773

Suite of software products that solve complex product data interoperability problems. CADfix CAD interoperability tools for 3D data migration and CAE integration. CADIQ identifies differences in CAD models and potential shape and fit problems. Proficiency automates the remastering of parametric CAD data from one CAD system into another.

Rishon Lezion
Internet Teams - (972).9.3740188

Tailor-made software for small-medium businesses (SMBs) and corporations. Expertise on various platforms such as ASP.NET, MVC, C#, PHP, Node.js, Python, Bootsrap, Angular.js, Backbone.js, HTML5, Javascript, MS SQL Server, Sharepoint, GIS applications.

Ira Ginzburg - (972).2.6230494

Graphic design studio specializes in visual communication and information design. Corporate identity design. Branding. Websites combining both artistic design and computer technology.

J-Town Productions - (972).2.6719918

Graphic design studio specializing in web site design and maintenance. Internet marketing.

Jacada - (972).9.9525900

Provider of legacy integration and Web-enablement software for mainframe and midrange applications. Non-intrusive Java, XHTML and XML solutions provide graphical interface, web enablement and real-time integration with other systems.

John Bryce Training - (972).3.7535800

Technical courses for IT professionals, retraining programs and end user training.

Kappix - (972).

DRoster employee scheduling software for businesses and organizations of all sizes. Interface includes daily planner, hourly planner, places, persons, views and templates. Free fully functional trial software.

Bat Yam
Kinor Technologies - (972).2.5400073

Secure enterprise information integration software. Applications - Health Care: Enables health care suppliers to integrate information and to achieve compliance with HIPAA requirements. Homeland Security: to share data between law enforcement agencies.

Kletsel Design - (972).3.6446737

Graphics design studio. Icons for software, PDA and web sites, corporate identity, digital illustration, PDF brochures. The studio capable of providing solutions in Hebrew, European languages, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Arabic.

Tel Aviv
Kluren - (972).3.7739977

Development of web applications, and mobile applications for various platforms. Custom Internet of Things (IoT) solutions.

Konfidas - (972).3.6444417

Cybersecurity company that manages and monitors digital assets 24/7, responding to events and fully investigating them. Checks for compliance with data protection and cyber regulations.

Tel Aviv
Kopel-Reem - (972).72.3301601

Magic consulting and training packages for software companies and in-house developer teams. DBAlert triggers events in response to chages in database, e.g. Copy file, execute SQL command, send E-mail or SMS.

Korentec - (972).4.8777966

Software development projects. Outsourcing for Microsoft .Net systems. Embedded systems.

Tel Aviv
L4B Software - (972).9.7687885

Software development for companies who wish to deploy Embedded and Real-Time Linux software in their products. Board Support Package. Reference-Design. Device drivers for custom boards. Processors supported: x86, Xscale, ARM, PowerPC, MIPS, Freescale, TI.

Kfar Sava
LiveDNS - (972).3.9241781

Web site hosting for commercial, institutional and private web sites hosted on Win2000 systems. E-commerce platform: LiveShop and web applications.

Petah Tikva
LivePerson - (972).9.7601277

The leading customer service application over the Internet, facilitating live, 24/7 interactive sales and customer support in 11 different languages and in over 60 countries all over the world.

Moshav Bnei Zion
Log-On - (972).3.5763100

Customized software systems and projects and consulting services on products, application development tools, databases and software migrations.

LogNet Systems - (972).4.9598777

BillMiner: Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment (EBPP) and Customer Self Services (CSS) software system for account management by Telecom, Utility and financial billers. Communication Service Provider (CSP) Usage and Cost Analyzer.

LogoUI - (972).72.2224233

Consultation services in all aspects of UI (User Interface) and GUI design and development using WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) and Silverlight. XAML experts have strong background in both programming and graphic design.

Tel Aviv
M.R.M Computerized Vehicle Information - (972).9.7488666

Software and information services for motor vehicle related field. MultiCat - Electronic parts catalog, comprising of a vehicle parts information database and software package.

Hod HaSharon
MOST Technologies - (972).3.9115511

Software tools for database maintenance and application migration. OnTarget: Automatic analysis and migration of database applications and programming languages to advanced systems. OnDiscovery: Maintenance tools for NATURAL/ADABAS business environments.

Petah Tikva
MSApps - (972).54.4255549

Application development for native iOS, native Android, Full Stack, AOT (Apps of Things). Games and VR apps. Augmented Reality applications using ARCore, ARKit and Unity 3D.

MVR Multimedia - (972).72.3387521

3D Animation technology for high-powered media and ad agencies. 3D clips "translate" difficult concepts into graceful animation. Application in medical technologies, aircraft industries, educational and training programs.

Kfar Vitkin
Magalcom - (972).3.9270111

Installation and maintenance of data communications networks including integration of hardware, software and infrastructure. Design and construction of computer centers on turn-key project basis.

Petah Tikva
Magic Software Enterprises - (972).3.5389292

Software development technology for e-business, e-commerce and CRM solutions across the enterprise with a uniform programming paradigm regardless of architecture, platform or database.

Or Yehuda
Malam-Team Group - (972).3.5312111

Mission critical systems and infrastructure software for managing information and data bases. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions. Human-resource payroll and attendance systems. Design and service for communication networks.

Givat Shmuel
Matrix - (972).9.9598840

Developing large scale IT projects. Outsourcing of software and computer facilities management. Banking and financial market technologies. ERP and CRM solutions. Operating systems: MVS/CICS, Unix, NT, AS/400. Data bases: UDB, DB2, Oracle, SQL Server.

Matrix Testing and Automation - (972).9.9598909

Quality Assurance (QA), system testing and software consulting company. Expertise in civil and military industries: Information systems, embedded systems, Real-Time systems and telecommunication.

Mckit Systems - (972).3.7344500

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software. CAD, CAM solutions and multidiscipline simulation systems. Software by Bentley for civil engineering, plant design, architecture, structural design, geospatial, process industry and the energy industry.

Givat Shmuel
Meitav Systems - (972).3.6000160

Prime financial assests management software.

Melingo - (972).3.6070400

Natural language processing (NLP). Computerization of Hebrew and other complex languages. Morfix search engine and plug-ins, based on morphological analysis and tagging of natural language texts. Automatic text to speech (TTS). Nakdan. Rav Milim.

Tel Aviv
Metalix CAD/CAM - (972).4.9998436

CAD/CAM solutions for the sheet metal industry. cncKad - Software package for CNC Punch, Laser, Plasma and Flame machines. Supports sheet-metal drafting aids: Notching, chamfering, filleting, shapes recognition, geometry validation etc.

Micro Focus - (972).4.8130111

Enterprise Application Modernization and Management software.

MicroType - (972).9.8988021

SP TimeSavers - Bookmark Controller, Link Controller, PDFmarker, UnBloat utilities for conversion from FrameMaker to PDF/Acrobat. FrameMaker training and consulting. Template design.

Kfar Yona
Microsoft Israel - (972).9.7625100

Israeli branch of Microsoft specializing in Hebrew enabled versions of Microsoft Windows Operating systems, Office applications and other Microsoft software products.

MidLink Computing - (972).3.6911007

Middleware projects. Consulting, mentoring and administration services for large scale distributed computing systems.

Tel Aviv
Mila Translations - (972).74.7570060

Translation of websites, E-commerce, applications. Technical translation of instruction manuals. Business translation including monetary reports and marketing material.

Milim Writing & Translation Services - (972).3.5623997

Translation, localization and internationalization services. Languages supported include Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, English, Farsi, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Thai, Turkish, Urdu.

Tel Aviv
Modern Systems - (972).9.9526100

Systems modernization and IT renewal solutions. E-business enabling for legacy systems. Migration from IDMS, VSAM, ADABAS to DB2. Euro transition. Expert System for telecommunication companies to improve auditing process of invoices.

Morningside Translations - (972).3.5338633

Software localization, globalization in over 40 languages. User interface localization, cross-platform and BiDi functionality testing. Technical translation services for a wide range of areas including medical, legal, biotechnology and computer hardware.

Or Yehuda
MyHeritage Genealogy Software - (972).

Free multi-lingual software to build family tree with photos. Provides web site to publish and share family tree online with relatives. Languages supported include English, Hebrew, French, German, Chinese, Italian and Turkish.

Bnei Atarot
NGSoft - (972).72.2754500

Developer of drivers and embedded software solutions for medical and mobile devices, digital cameras, networking systems and security systems. Network management systems and server solutions. Testing services and test automation.

NICE Actimize - (972).1.866.7981200

Patent-pending technology that runs analytical models over stored or transactional data, enabling management of business processes in real-time. Applications include fraud management, dynamic pricing, event driven marketing and customer service control.

Ness Technologies - (972).3.7666800

Software Integration and Networking Services Group. Business Solutions Group - e-business, financial services, billing. Enterprise Solutions Group. Telecom and Systems Group - telecom systems, GIS and Air Traffic Control systems.

Tel Aviv
Netex - (972).3.6888844

Netex system facilitates Hebrew searches on the internet. The utility allows reaching internet sites by just typing the web site's name or keywords in Hebrew.

Tel Aviv
Netformx - (972).3.7444670

eBusiness solutions specifically focused on the design, purchase and deployment of complex networks.

Bnei Brak
Netgo - (972).9.7401822

Consulting, development, support and services for the advertising, publishing and media industries. Developer of Hebrew support for QuarkXpress.

Hod Hasharon
NeuroTrax - (972).72.2201180

MindStreams software for assessment of cognitive functions including memory, problem solving, visual spatial processing, motor skills. Tests for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Traumatic Brain Injury, Parkinson's Disease.

NextNine - (972).3.7673000

Software tools for integration, testing and customer support of embedded systems with support for multi-processor and multi-tasking applications.

Tel Aviv
Nice - (972).9.7753777

Multimedia digital recording solutions, applications and related professional services for business interaction management.

Nyotron Information Security - (972).72.2222820

Developer of next-generation end point security solutions against unknown Viruses and Trojans. First product, Paranoid, provides real time protection for both consumers and enterprises market, from targeted and unknown "Zero Day Attacks".

ONE - (972).3.9767800

Help desk and customer service outsourced services to global companies such as Microsoft, HP and Xerox. Software infrastructure projects with thousands of workstations and hundreds of servers.

Petah Tikva
OPSWAT - (972).9.9600830

OESIS (OPSWAT Endpoint Security Integration SDK) software kit. Antivirus, antispyware, firewall, antiphishing, hard disk encryption and peripheral device protection applications detection. OESIS for cellular phones and PDAs. Object oriented C++ interface.

Ocean Data Systems - (972).54.5742411

Dream Report - Programming free, user-friendly, automated reporting and data analysis software designed specifically for industrial automation applications. Dream Report offers specially developed functionality for; Water, waste water, pharmaceutical, Oil and Gas, automotive, aerospace, and Utilities industries. Web forms allow users to create web-based, dynamic and interactive reporting applications.

Tel Aviv
Octopai - (972).3.5496083

Cross-platform meta-data search engine. Metadata is automatically gathered from a wide variety of sources, including ETL, and databases. Business intelligence (BI) technology for data analysis of business information.

Rosh Haayin
Olive Software - (972).

ActivePaper XML Publisher automatically transforms unstructured PDF files into Rich XML structure that replicates the publication's publication's content, structure, metadata, graphics and layout. For newspaper and magazine publishers.

Kfar Sava
Operative - (972).2.6515122

OnAir - Broadcast management system that handles all programming and business activities: program acquisitions, program scheduling and management, promo management and airtime sales, post-broadcasting activities, including pre-billing and sales analysis.

Opisoft - (972).3.5416000

Turn-Key projects and solutions for information systems. Establishing data warehouses within organizations, using Oracle or Microsoft SQL, data mining.

OptiTex - (972).3.9049979

CAD/CAM software for fabric, textile and sewn products. Pattern Design System (PDS) for drafting patterns, grommets, darts, pleats. Runway 3D, cloth simulation software. Custom tailored made-to-measure design using dimensions such as shoulder, waist.

Petah Tikva
Optimata - (972).3.7519226

Virtual Patient Engine. Simulation software for optimizing drug treatment protocols. Technology useful for dosage determination during clinical trials.

Oracle Israel - (972).3.9273627

Oracle database designed for Grid computing. Fusion Middleware portfolio of standards-based software products, including J2EE and developer tools, integration services, business intelligence, collaboration and content management.

Petah Tikva
PDAC Tech - (972).3.6391139

Mobile software development services. Dedicated development for telecom localization and customization. Multimedia systems for vehicles, applications for fleet managers.

Panorama Software Systems - (972).3.6459777

Web-based Business Intelligence (BI) solutions. NovaView e-BI Suite - Client and web-based OLAP query products. Platform for business reporting, analysis and customer relationship management applications.

Tel Aviv
PeriGen - (972).3.9059919

Fetal surveillance systems employing patented, pattern-recognition and obstetrics technologies. Visual Cueing provides an instant view of the mother's and baby's current status and trends over time.

Rishon Lezion
Perl Training Israel - (972).54.4624648

Specializing in Perl - Training, consultancy, development and support. Applications include quality assurance, configuration management, database access, web service and web site development.

PiXeliT - (972).3.5164283

Hosting and web development solutions. Content management system (CMS).

Tel Aviv
Planium Software - (972).8.9265222

Business Planner, business planning software integrated with Microsoft Office. Planning tool for managers, analysts and business people, helping them prepare business plans. Sales Planner planning and budgeting tool for sales and marketing managers.

Plantt - (972).

Plantt identifies and prioritizes customers who require attention, focusing on the right customers, at the right time. AI-powered customer experience and chatbot.

Tel Aviv
Priority - (972).3.9251000

ERP business management system with complete inventory management, dynamic replenishment, warehouse management, production planning and accounting. Can be deployed internationally, has a multi-language interface and support for multiple tax jurisdictions.

Rosh Ha'ayin
ProTrack - (972).2.3731149

No-GPS navigation for airborne platforms, ground/air video anchoring and geo-positioning. Video Motion Detection (VMD) for ground-based/airborne, daytime/night, scanning/static cameras. VMD on water. Video stabilization. Fog and haze penetration for CCD cameras. Automatic Object Tracking for ground-based and airborne platforms. Map-anchored panorama and mosaic production for ground-based and airborne cameras. ProTrack caters to the military, defense and civilian markets.

Prog4biz Software - (972).77.7944044

Custom software development solutions, specializing in enterprise software development and custom web and mobile application development. LIMS and research-related software development.

PureSight Technologies - (972).9.7631900

PureSight - dynamic Internet content filtering solution for easy deployment of organization's Internet Acceptable Use Policy based on proprietary Artificial Content Recognition technology.

Kfar Sava
Purple Bit - (972).52.4720467

Development of web applications using a Lean Development Process, built on Django and AngularJS. Experience in building servers that scale, REST API, big data, video streaming and real time push.

Tel Aviv
Qlik - (972).9.8993000

Attunity B2B enables enterprises to create, share, automate and manage business processes that integrate customers, suppliers, partners, eMarketplaces, employees and enterprise systems over the Internet.

Kfar Neter
Qsoft - (972).

Application Generator software for Quality System ISO 9001 support. Aircraft Maintenance Control System for maintenance schedule, Flight logbook, Configuration control at LRU and SRU level, Failure Reporting and Corrective Actions System (FRACAS).

Quali - (972).77.9014000

TestShell suite of applications for test automation of software and hardware products. Code-free test development to automate tests via a graphical interface without programming. Used by telecom, cellular, aerospace, defense and electronics industries.

Ganey Tikva
QualiTest Software Testing Experts - (972).3.9275000

Quality assurance and software testing services. Hardware testing: Design station simulation and verification, manual testing using Matlab, Perl in Cadence, Synopsis for the RTL stage (Verilog, VHDL), Automation tools implementation.

Petah Tikva
Qualisoft - (972).

Services in all the life-cycle stages of product development to improve quality. Consultancy in quality process improvement. Manpower. Training in modern software development and testing methodologies.

Tel Aviv
Quicklizard - (972).3.7428800

Quicklizard is an AI technology solution provider with a leading portfolio of solutions for dynamic pricing analysis and management. Accurate and unbiased pricing decisions, which reflect behavioral trends and market prices.

Petah Tikva
R&B Mold and Die Design - (972).4.9592610

CAMD (Computer-Aided Mold Design) solutions for the mold and die industry. Mold Base Design Tools that operate with Cimatron and SolidWorks.

RDV Systems - (972).8.9258081

Rapid Design Visualization (RDV) for AutoCAD Civil 3D to create an interactive visualization environment. Designers can create drive through simulations, flyovers for proposed roads, infrastructure, interchanges and other land development projects.

RSIP Vision - (972).3.5290920

Development of image processing algorithms for high-tech companies. Custom engineering services in image processing and computer vision fields.

Tel Aviv
RangerMSP - (972).3.5504466

Affordable, On-Premise PSA Software for small to mid-sized IT services providers and MSPs. Easily track customers, suppliers, contractors and employees, including contact details, relationships with other entities and linked assets/devices, in a centralized database.

Raz-Lee - (972).9.9588860

Security solutions for IBM iSeries (AS/ 400) computer systems. Firewall+++ for network security. Productivity solutions: FileScope file editor, CodeScope, PopScope. System management tools: WideScope OptiScope, CPUScope, MsgScope DiskScope.

Rcadia Medical Imaging - (972).4.8511024

Image processing software for blood vessel analysis in patients with suspected cardiovascular disease. COR Analyzer: real-time analysis of Coronary CT angiography (cCTA). Produces 3D images of coronary arteries for detecting coronary artery disease.

Redmatch - (972).3.9388422

Talent Relationship Management (TRM) - Online recruitment management. Redmatch matching engine enables real time matching between employer's job definition, candidate's profile and candidate's preferences.

Rosh Ha'ayin
Retalix - (972).9.7766677

Software solutions for supermarkets, convenience stores, fuel forecourts and restaurant operators worldwide.

Roshtov Software - (972).8.6499466

Clicks: Health care information system solutions for healthcare providers and medical facilities.

Rubidium - (972).9.7451412

Dialog Engine enables mass-market devices such as phones, toys, appliances, to hold a natural dialog with its users. Installed as matchbox-sized plug-and-play module, a chipset or software add-on. Integrates speech recognition and feedback generation.

S.H.F. Computers - (972).4.8213899

Communication systems, wireless cellular networks, NMS and embedded systems, simulators, military and commercial applications, SQA and testing.

SAP Labs Israel - (972).9.7779400

CRM, ERP and supply chain software.

SIT - (972).3.6341299

ERP package (MFG\PRO) geared towards specific industrial and mercantile markets: production companies in the electronics, food and beverage, medical supplies, consumer products and transportation industries.

Or Yehuda
SQLink - (972).3.7538848

Relational database tools for data management both in the client/server environment and on the Internet. TimeNet - an Internet reporting system for employee working hours.

SRV Internet services - (972).9.8321777

Web site hosting, domain name registration.

Sapiens International Corporation - (972).3.7902000

E-business solutions for cross-industry offerings, such as asset discovery, legacy renewal and application reengineering.

Sasa Software - (972).54.6787993

GateScanner Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) technology providing network security solutions for OT/ICS, healthcare and critical infrastructure networks around the world. US Government ITAR IT compliant. ISO 27001 certified. GateScanner Kiosk a free-standing station featuring portable media ports and a touch-screen, that provides managed and secure file import from any portable device to the network environment.

Kibbutz Sasa
SecuriGo - (972).54.4834734

Network Information Security company. Risk Assessment. Security policies and standards. Firewall, wireless security and encryption assessments. Storage systems security. ERP/CRM systems assessment.

Seed Startup House - (972).3.7213749

Comprehensive programming services for startup companies. Developing iOS applications for iPhone and iPad and Android applications for Android phones and tablets. Embedded solutions for smart cards using a PIC MCU.

Tel Aviv
Shine Design - (972).9.8856813

Web site design using Flash.

Silver.Net - (972).3.6881808

Financial Resource Management (FRM) product suite. Development of integrative financial software and telecommunication systems for AS/400,IBM MF, VAX, ALFA, UNISYS and other platforms and interconnected PC networks. Modules include cash, loan management.

Tel Aviv
Simbionix - (972).3.9114444

Development of training simulators, for Minimal Invasive Therapy (MIT) applications. GI-Mentor - an interactive computerized simulator designed to provide medical experts with hands-on training for endoscopic procedures.

Airport City
SimiGon - (972).9.9561777

PC-based hi-fidelity 3D simulation with knowledge management and content building tools. AirBook flight training simulation for military and civilian aviation. AirTrack Passenger Flight Information Systems (PVIS) with 3D simulation views and moving maps.

Sizmek - (972).9.7760800

Rich media serving and management platform for online advertising and publishing media. Ad formats include banners, floating ad, window ads, full-page overlay, etc. Ads can be created by Macromedia Flash, GIF and/or EyeWonder streaming video content.

SofTov Medical Systems - (972).3.9230686

Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMs). AutoLab handles all steps of test processing: sampling, data distribution, requisition tracking, divert requests to analyzers, etc. Covers microbiology, pathology, blood bank and other laboratories.

Petah Tikva
SoftQuest Systems - (972).8.9493944

Sub-contracting services for software development of medical devices. Software validation, risk management and Software Quality Assurance (SQA). The job includes preparing, monitoring and auditing software groups for FDA, CE, IEC 62304 and IEC 14971.

Softimize - (972).74.7024735

Cloud-based applications and video over IP.

Petah Tikva
Softsense - (972).72.2203000

International software licensing to commercial and institutional customers of almost any software from all software publishers.

Herzliya Pituach
Software Associates - (972).8.9701485

Software security assessment of medical device and electronic healthcare products. Compliance with HIPAA and prevention of disclosure of electronic protected health information (EPHI). Security of Web applications used to manage networked medical devices.

Sogo Services - (972).54.4749435

Full-cycle software development. Complex software solutions based on NLP, Machine Learning and Rule-based programming.

Tel Aviv
SolidCAM - (972).3.5333160

CAM software tools for mechanical manufacturing. Target market: factories and machine shops that need a CAM system for programming parts for CNC machine tools. Integrated with SolidWorks software.

Or Yehuda
Sparta Systems - (972).9.9706000

TrackWise Quality Management software for cGxP issues in FDA-regulated companies. Tracking applications include management of Corrective and Preventive Actions (CAPA), customer complaints, audits and observations, regulatory commitments.

Speech Therapy Systems - (972).2.6260666

Dr. Fluency - Software for speech therapy that incorporates multimedia, animation and computer technology to create a user friendly therapy environment for people who stutter.

Spinner Design Studio - (972).54.4745713

Design of internet sites, multimedia presentations and printed material for high-tech and exporting companies. Advanced Internet Marketing Strategies. Company is staffed by native English speakers.

Spiral Solutions Interactive Marketing - (972).4.9082180

Signature branding and marketing service especially geared for venture-funded, technology start-ups. Creation of a web brand from logos to complete web design.

Spiralic - (972).3.9471949

Website design, website development, ecommerce solutions, content management systems (CMS) and online marketing strategies.

Tel Aviv
Surecomp - (972).9.7639600

Developing turnkey solutions for the wholesale banking environment, with a wide range of integrated Trade Finance and Treasury products.

Kfar Sava
Sweethome - (972).1.800.373600

Internet services, domain name registration and web hosting company.

Tel Aviv
Synamedia - (972).2.5894444

Developer of conditional access and interactive TV solutions and management systems used by broadcasters worldwide for secure delivery of digital entertainment to TVs and PCs. Products include, VideoGuard, Electronic Program Guide, Scheduler, MediaStorm.

Synergix - (972).2.6480396

Drug discovery services for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies including: Kinase focused libraries, Mimicry and Copy, classical structure-based drug design and lead optimization. Molecular Conceptor course for molecular modeling and drug design.

Synerion - (972).3.5682222

Software house for work time processing systems. Products include TimeKeeper and TimeBit.

Tel Aviv
SysAid - (972).3.5333675

SysAid web-based help desk software and IT management. SysAid scans network to provide details on each machine and allows remote control of each workstation. Works on multiple platform environments, e.g. Windows and Linux. Free Software

Airport City
Systematics - (972).3.7660111

Distributor and integrator of software system solutions in the fields of Geographic Information Systems (GIS), CAD, e-Collaboration and Asset management.

Tel Aviv
TBM Software - (972).3.5719920

Mechanical CAD/CAM dealer and VAR. Represents Autodesk, Ansys, Smart Solutions, CGTech, Cyco, Cimmetry, Actify, Compunix and other companies. Engineering Document Management (EDM/PDM) and software development. AutoCAD Hebrew Text Editor.

TDNet - (972).3.6117540

Management of electronic journal access via internet and intranet for academic, medical, corporate and government organizations. TDNet's database currently holds over 12,000 e-journal web sites and table of contents records for over 22,000 titles.

Taboola - (972).3.6966966

Taboola’s advertising platform is powered by Deep Learning technology that uses Taboola’s unique data about people’s interests and information consumption to recommend the right content to the right person. Taboola's algorithm analyzes website content and extracts a large number of “signals” that will help the technology match it to people who are most likely to engage and take action.

Tadiad - (972).4.9853300

Main focus on development, QA, testing, maintenance, call center, out sourcing and professional services. ERP or CRM project based on SAP, SAP Business One, Forth Shift, MS-CRM.

Tal Systems - (972).3.5772036

Agent of Responsa computerized Biblical database of Bar-Ilan University. Treasures of Torah, database of thousands of articles and books delivered on hard-disk.

Taldor Group - (972).3.9298298

Software development, simulations and control systems, CRM, Contact Center, optical scanning and archiving, e-business, system support and integration and GIS.

Petah Tikva
TandemG - (972).77.4500294

Embedded and real-time software development. Device drivers. Porting applications between operating systems and across platforms: From embedded platforms to desktop, from Windows to Linux and vice versa.

TeamCAD - (972).3.9212040

Computer and software systems, communication networks, training and implementation of solutions and maintenance of computer equipment.

Petah Tikva
Technet Computer Systems - (972).3.9212161

Outsourcing networking administration, operating systems expertise, in-house help desk services, internet and intranet creation.

Petah Tikva
Tegrity - (972).3.5392255

Systems for classroom or web based teaching with patented image processing technologies.

Teldan Information Systems - (972).3.6950073

Custom made databases specializing in defense, aerospace, science and technology. Also supplier of business, scientific and technological information including CD-ROM databases and online electronic journals.

Tel Aviv
TerraSafe - (972).3.5744495

Offsite backup and DRP solution for enterprise organizations.

Test Insight - (972).3.7517383

Wave Wizard for generating Automated Test Equipment (ATE) programs from designer's simulation data. Scan Converter converts scan tests, Serial or Parallel, written in either WGL or STIL syntax from ATPG sources, into tester formatted patterns and timing.

Thales DIS - Israel - (972).3.9781111

Products include eToken, the first USB authentication device; the eSafe line of anti-vandal and anti-virus software; Privilege, electronic software licensing and distribution platform; and HASP and Hardlock, software security systems.

Petah Tikva
Tikal Contact Center - (972).73.2209000

Tikal Contact Center includes a full set of open APIs for integration with major ERP, CRM or BI systems. Tikal PBX System is a comprehensive telephony system for enterprises and government organizations. The Tikal PBX System delivers reliable, feature-rich IP-PBX capabilities using an open source Asterisk server.

Petah Tikva
Tikal Knowledge - (972).3.6488618

Open source software services for the enterprise. Open J2EE IDE development environment. Open J2EE web application server. Open KM Portal API for developing portlets, small Java applications that run inside the portal.

Tel Aviv
Tiltan - (972).3.5780711

Automatic functional testing (ATE / CAT), development of complex turn-key test systems. Applications include RF, microwave, wireless communication, cable modems, automatic fueling systems, bio-electrical systems, digital embedded systems, electro-optics.

Bnei Brak
Tk Open Systems - (972).2.6796452

Support services for Linux and Open Source software. Contract PHP and Perl programming for web sites or other purposes. Tk Open Systems IP Routing Firewall. Software validation and testing.

TopTran Translation Services - (972).8.9749745

Translation and localization agency specializing in the fields of financial services, IT, telecommunications and bio-, pharmaceutical and medical equipment. Localizing software and documentation into multiple languages.

Tranzila - (972).73.2224444

Software system for online credit card processing. Tranzila uses ASP (Application Service Provider) architecture model, runs on remote servers and is easily integrated with all operating systems and programming languages.

Trinity Software & Beyond - (972).9.7677880

Custom development particularly in embedded systems, real-time, VoIP, servers, multimedia, communication and networking.

Kfar Sava
Trivium Solutions - (972).9.9510733

Software development and consultancy. Proficiency: RT/ embedded systems, embedded Linux, Android, networking, IoT products. Israeli managed Offshore SW development, Co-Sourcing SW development, Turn-Key solutions.

Herzliya Pituach
TrustNet - (972).72.2800074

Design and establishment of networking and information security infrastructures.

Petah Tikva
Tufin Technologies - (972).3.6128118

SecureTrack firewall policy management software that enables auditing, monitoring and compliance. SecureTrack uses Check Point OPSEC (Open Platform for Security) to track all changes in security policy.

UI - (972).9.8358348

Design and evaluation of user interfaces for web applications, 32-bit applications and other computer systems.

Unilink - (972).3.5619293

Real time voice, fax and value-added IP communication and messaging solutions for telephony carriers, Internet service providers and other network operators.

Tel Aviv
Upsolver - (972).

ETL Platform built for Cloud Data Lakes. Upsolver pulls data directly from your Kafka producer, Kinesis topic or existing object storage – simplifying data lake ingestion and ensuring your data lake stays well-irrigated throughout. Write, partition and store optimized data on S3. Query Amazon S3 by any set of keys at high-throughput and milliseconds-latency using a REST API, without the overhead of managing any additional data stores.

Virtual Point - (972).9.7679035

Interactive multimedia and video production services for business, education, entertainment, medical and life science related projects. 3D Animation clips that can be incorporated in PowerPoint and multimedia applications.

Kfar Sava
WEBPRO+ - (972).54.4472153

Website Design and SEO services. Design using CSS and WordPress Content management system.

Waze - (972).

Community-based traffic and navigation app. Alerts before you approach police, accidents, road hazards or traffic jams. Active community of Waze map editors works to constantly improve and update Waze's maps.

Webbit Interactive - (972).3.5445696

Web site design and development, business presentations, marketing, publicity, graphics and printing.

Tel Aviv
Websense - (972).9.7760200

Security Suite that integrates web, email and data security. Web filtering software. Defensio provides protection from comment spam and malware embedded in blogs, forums and other Web 2.0 sites.

Wix - (972).

Drag and drop website building platform with HTML5 capabilities, 500+ designer-made templates, top grade hosting, innovative Apps, and 1000s of features for free. Wix provides all the tools and features needed to build an amazing online presence for FREE.

Tel Aviv
Wizsoft - (972).3.5631919

Software based on mathematical algorithms for Data mining, concept-based text search engines, knowledge management, computational linguistics, accounting and inventory management and operations research.

Tel Aviv
Wochit - (972).3.6203699

Video creation platform empowering newsrooms, editorial teams and social media editors to capture and expand audience attention through the power of video. Create videos using pre-negotiated, rights-cleared assets from AP, Reuters, Getty, and many more sources.

Tel Aviv
XPlace - (972).9.9517928

Services include marketing and branding, strategic consulting and software development for internet, intranet and mobile projects.

Xplenty - (972).3.5227023

Scalable big data processing, cloud data integration platform. Xplenty can process both structured and unstructured data and integrate with a variety of sources, including SQL data stores, NoSQL databases and cloud storage.

Tel Aviv
Yael Group - (972).9.7639333

Custom software development, consulting, monitoring and integration services and project management.

Kfar Sava
YieldWise - (972).4.6100101

Development of analytical methods and software tools for demand estimation, promo sales forecasting, data warehousing and mining, statistical analysis, survey and time series analysis. Computer and network performance evaluation and capacity planning.

Yotpo - (972).

eCommerce marketing solutions. Visual UGC solution to combine customer photos, videos, and reviews with customizable display options that engage customers. Yotpo integrates with the leading eCommerce platforms, including Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, and more.

Tel Aviv
Zend - (972).3.6139665

PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) - an open-source server-side scripting language for creating dynamic web pages for e-commerce and other web applications. Free Software

Ziggurat Systems - (972).4.8215665

B4uB CAD Plug-in. System planning and coordination for construction projects based on Building Information Model (BIM). Project data including mechanical, electronic, plumbing (MEP) systems is stored in a central repository.

Zikit Translation Services - (972).54.7951119

Professional business translations in Hebrew and other languages including English, Russian, Arabic, French, Spanish, German, Italian. Specialties: Scientific medical, pharmaceutical, financial translation. Graphic design.

Tel Aviv
dsIT Technologies - (972).3.5313333

OncoPro software system for management of complex chemotherapy protocol planning, implementation, analysis and assessment in guidelines-based pediatric adult cancer care in oncology and hematology departments in a range of medical settings.

Givat Shmuel
e & m Computing - (972).3.5766999

Client/server solutions representing Compaq and Sun Microsystems.

Tel Aviv
ePaper - (972).73.2152929

Sentinel Secure Print Management Solution (software and hardware) provides managed print services, pull printing, document security, cloud printing, printing using ID cards, print and copy control and audition. Reduces printing and paper costs.

eTeacher English - (972).3.7554140

Online language academy. Online live language courses by native speaking instructors via live video conferencing. Instruction with flexible hours and the convenience of learning from home or office. Lessons conducted in small groups or private sessions.

eWave - (972).9.9543040

Integration between Legacy systems (AS400, MainFrame) and web-based applications. Corporate applications, e-Commerce systems (B2B, B2C). Network solutions: mapping, installation and integration of computer networks such as NT and Exchange mail servers.

Kibbutz Glil Yam
iMDsoft - (972).3.7682888

MetaVision - Graphical intensive care unit patient information system for data collection, management and storage. MetaVision helps the ICU work in a more organized, secure, modern and paperless work environment.

Tel Aviv
mPrest Systems - (972).3.9291515

Custom application development and complex software systems from distributed client/server systems to device driver development. mCore Command and control application server on top Microsoft .NET framework.

Petah Tikva