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ArticlesBank of Israel Annual Reports
ReferenceAnglo Palestine Banknotes and Coins
ReferenceCBS Cost of Living Index
ReferenceCurrency Notes of the Palestine Currency Board
ReferenceInternational Average Salary Income Database
ReferenceIsrael's Currency System and pictures of notes and coins
ReferenceWorld Bank - Profile of Israel
StatisticsEconomic Indicators of Israel
StatisticsEconomic Statistics
StatisticsEconomic and Financial Data for Israel according to International Monetary Fund's Dissemination Standards
StatisticsInternational Money Fund Data and Statistics
StatisticsIsrael Business Statistics
StatisticsIsrael Consumer Price Index and Statistics
StatisticsIsrael Foreign Trade Statistics
StatisticsWorld Bank - Gross domestic product (GDP) ranking
StatisticsWorld Bank - International Comparison Program
Web directoryCoins and Banknotes of the British Mandate of Palestine
Web directoryEconomics Departments, Institutes and Research Centers in the World
Web directoryEconomics Journals on the Web
Web directoryEconomics Network
Web directoryInternational Economics Network
Web directoryResources for Economists on the Internet