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Galam - (972).4.6375222

Manufacturer of crystalline fructose, cornstarch, glucose syrups and a range of modified and instant starches for the food industry. Industrial starches for the paper, corrugated board, plasterboard and textile industries.

Maabarot Products - (972).9.8984104

Manufacturer of powdered food products for human consumption, pet foods and veterinary milk substitutes.

Materna - (972).9.8984113

Materna baby food and milk products.

Milouot Consortium - (972).4.9853292

Miloubar animal feeds. Milouof poultry growing, processing and marketing of poultry products.

Varcode - (972).3.9380835

Patented FreshCode label that triggers a value change in the displayed barcode as a result of temperature change. Barcode can be read by barcode reader and Android smartphones. FCMS Hand held barcode readers. Frozen or cold product monitoring.

Rosh Ha'ayin